Eight curiosities you may not have known about Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is one of the most famous and successful drivers in Formula 1. 

His name is associated with numerous records and victories; he is the driver with the most wins, podiums, pole positions and points in the history of the competition as well as having won seven world titles.

But there are also some lesser-known aspects of his life that are worth discovering.

In this article, we explore some interesting facts you might not have known about Lewis Hamilton, from his passion for music to his racing career.

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His passion for music
Lewis Hamilton has always had a passion for music and has even attempted a music career. He has collaborated with several artists, including Christina Aguilera and Ne-Yo, and has also released a song called 'Lookin' at You'.
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His journey in karting
Lewis Hamilton started racing karts at the age of 8 and immediately distinguished himself with his driving skills. He won numerous titles and attracted the attention of Formula 1 talent scouts.
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His attention to fashion
Lewis Hamilton is known for his unique and fashion-conscious style. He has collaborated with several brands and even launched his own clothing line called 'Tommy x Lewis'.
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His passion for veganism
Lewis Hamilton is a big advocate of veganism and adopting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. He also founded a vegan restaurant chain called "Neat Burger".
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His academic career
Lewis Hamilton has always had a great interest in science and technology. He attended Liverpool John Moores University, where he studied mechanical engineering.
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His passion for design
Lewis Hamilton is also a big fan of design and has also collaborated with some companies to design objects such as watches and bicycles.
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His most exciting victory
Lewis Hamilton has won numerous titles in his career, but he said that the most exciting victory was the 2008 British Grand Prix, when he won in front of his home crowd.
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His philanthropy
Lewis Hamilton is also a big supporter of charity and founded Hamilton Commission, an organization dedicated to promoting diversity in the worlds of science, technology and engineering.
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