The most iconic pranks in the history of Formula 1 drivers

Imagination, intuition, keen eye and speed of execution. Formula 1 drivers employ these skills, on the track, to try to file down a tenth of a second in each corner, and off the track to taunt their colleagues.

When they take off their helmets, some prefer to relax, locking themselves in motor homes, alone or with family members.

Others, however, are eager to have fun and often do so by pulling pranks on teammates or other team members. We have chosen some of the most successful ones on and off the track.

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Berger's prank on Senna
Once, during a helicopter flight not far from the Monza circuit, the Austrian tossed the Brazilian's carbon-fiber briefcase, which had boasted of its indestructibility. Also memorable was a trip to Australia in which he filled his hotel room with a dozen frogs.
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Perez's prank on his engineers
In 2011 Sergio Perez made his Formula 1 debut with the Ferrari-powered Sauber. In Japan, seventeenth place in qualifying immediately ruined his Sunday. Yet, thanks to two stops and good tire use, the Mexican managed to climb to eighth place on lap 42. On the last lap, however, over the radio he began shouting, "I have no power, I have no power," baffling everyone. Crossing the finish line in eighth place he exploded in laughter, "Ha ha ha I was joking."
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Niki Lauda's prank on a journalist
On the occasion of the release of the film Rush, he returned to the crash site at the Bergwerk Curve with a U.S. television crew. When the reporter asked him how he felt, he started talking then looked into the grass and picked something up, "Look what's here? My ear." The cameraman and the woman were stunned. He was actually holding a cookie that he had hidden moments before.
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Piquet's prank on Mansell
Nelson Piquet and Nigel Mansell were teammates in 1986 and 1987 at Williams Honda, which was the best single-seater at the time. The third-to-last race was the Mexican GP. In the practice sessions the Brazilian noticed that the Briton was stopping too often, as he was suffering from intestinal problems. At one point he made the toilet paper disappear from all the toilets but his colleague only found out once he sat down.
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Alesi's prank on Berger
The Frenchman related that one day they were in Maranello and the Austrian asked him for a ride to Fiorano. Alesi did not have a car, however, so they borrowed the Y10 of Jean Todt, Scuderia Ferrari director at the time. On a dare Jean Alesi drove at full throttle but Berger responded by pulling the handbrake. Everything went well until they entered the track when they rolled over. In a moment the mechanics got the car back on all four wheels and covered it with a tarp.
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