The curiosities you may not know about the National anthems

One of the most interesting moments of the World Cup is the performance of national anthems: if we knew the lyrics of certain songs and the contexts in which they were written, we would listen to them smiling.

We reveal for example the curiosity related to the anthem of the Italian national team that will not participate in the World Cup in Qatar.

Have you ever listened to all the lyrics of Mameli's hymn? In the final part we talk about formations to keep in battle, proclamations against Austria, against the Cossacks and references to the Balilla!

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Deutschland uber alles! Hymn composed by the great musician Haydn (Austrian), even if today's words (unity, justice and freedom for Germany) are very different from the original meaning of the hymn (God save the Emperor Francis)
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The Spanish anthem has no lyrics, that's why the players don't sing. Music only. They never agreed on the lyrics.
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The author of the anthem was even president of the state: in fact, Vicente Lopez led Argentina in the summer of 1827. But only for a few days. It is a hymn to independence from England and Spain. It is curious that the notes are by a Spaniard. Forced to compose them by force under threat of shooting.
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The Star-Spangled Banner. It is the most played anthem in the world as it is heard before every game in the USA, in every public event, from football games to car races and has been revisited in different keys by famous artists such as Hendrix.
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"Allons, enfant de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé": becomes "La Marseillaise" because it was sung for the first time in public in Marseilles, while a captain (François Mireur) gathered troops to go to Paris.
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An anthem with an ultimatum. It is 1853 and the Mexican government, after a series of losing battles against the USA, organized a competition: "Write within 20 days a text for the national anthem". Today it is mandatory to listen to the anthem in a military position: a law of 1984 provides for a fine for those who do not keep the arm outstretched during the anthem.
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It is the oldest hymn in the world, already the melody was sung in the sixteenth century. The beginning is really strange: "I am William of Nassau, descendant of a German family [...] I was always loyal to the Spanish monarchy."
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"God save the King" is the current British national and royal anthem due to the accession of King Charles the Third after the death of Queen Elizabeth. The curiosity is that when a sovereign sits on the throne, the hymn takes on the title "God Save the Queen" and a text adapted in grammatical genre.
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