The most iconic soccer balls of all time

The game of soccer has changed over the decades partly because of the continual introductions of new technology in the making of balls. From the first very heavy ones to the latest ultra-light ones, what is really striking at times is even just the design.

Usually on World Cup occasions, manufacturers have always indulged their imagination, making design unique and ones that are destined to remain in history. In addition, some matches are so historic that they also keep everything around them, including balls.

This is a quick selection of what are the most iconic balls in soccer history.

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Duplo T
Protagonist of the 1950 World Cup, it was the ball of the Maracanazo (Brazil's loss to Uruguay). It was the first ball without the string and with an automatic valve to inflate it.
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The ball of the 1970 World Cup, the first to be televised, its classic shape with black pentagons (12) on a white background (20) has become the emblem of the soccer ball. It was named after a satellite launched from Florida in 1962.
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Il Tricolore
Ball from the 1998 World Cup won by France. Identical to the one from the U.S. World Cup, the coloring of the transalpine flag is added. Historic, beautiful.
Jurgen Seibert -
The ball from the 2006 World Cup final won by Italy. Unlike the one used during the tournament, here there is gold inside the shapes, where previously there was white.
Liondartois -
A true history-making ball, it was first used in Argentina in 1978 and then in Spain in 1982. It was the last totally leather ball to be used in a World Cup.
Nicola -
What can we say about the ball used for the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup. It represents the apotheosis of Tango, improved technologically and with a design that still makes millions of fans dream.
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Total 90
With the release of the Total 90 series in the early 2000s, Nike also launched a line of balls, which would be used primarily in Serie A and Premier League, but also in  the La Liga. With this ball, Ronaldinho was at his career high.
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Used during the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, it is the one with which Maradona scored against England both the "gol del siglo" and the hand goal, which became famous as "la mano de Dios".
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