The most important soccer derbies in the world

The derby owes its name to Edward Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby, who instituted this race between thoroughbred horses in 1870. Later the word was extended to other sporting challenges.

The soccer derby represents one of the most heated and exciting competitions in the world of sports. Not only is it a traditional challenge between two teams, but it often encapsulates historical and cultural rivalries between home cities or regions.

In this article we will explore the world's most important soccer derbies, analyzing their histories, rivalries and most memorable moments.

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Derby of Manchester - Manchester City vs. Manchester United
The strong rivalry that drives this derby is mainly related to the proximity of the two clubs, which live in their own city a few blocks away and face each other at least twice a season, plus possible cup matches. The first official match was played on November 3, 1894, in Second Division, and was resolved with a 5-2 win in favor of United's Red Devils .
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Milan Derby - Inter vs. Milan
The first official stracittadina between the two teams took place in the 1909 championship on January 10. Inter's Nerazzurri and the Milan's Rossoneri , as of early 2023, have faced each other in 235 official matches with 87 wins by Inter and 79 by Milan.
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Madrid derby - Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid
A rivalry between two teams from the same city that has been going on for over a century. This derby is known for the passion of the fans and the intensity of the matches. The first meeting between the two teams was played in 1906, and ended 2-1 in favor of Real Madrid.
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Derby of Buenos Aires - Boca Juniors vs. River Plate
This derby, marked by the rivalry between the two teams, is one of the hottest derbies in South American soccer. The first "Superclasico" was played on August 24, 1913. Both clubs originated at La Boca, the River founded in 1901 and the Boca in 1905: the former are called Los Millonarios ("The Millionaires") because of the club's financial readiness shown in the 1930s, while the latter are called Los Xenéizes ("The Genoese") because the first founders were Genoese immigrants.
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Derby of Liverpool - Liverpool vs. Everton
The rivalry between these two teams is so intense that soccer fans around the world consider it one of the most important derbies in the world. The first derby was won byEverton in 1894 at Goodison Park with a result of 3-0. The derby of Merseyside, the county of Liverpool, is the longest-running in Premier League, has been played continuously at this level since the 1962-63 season.
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London Derby - Arsenal vs. Tottenham
The London derby between these two teams is considered one of the most important derbies in English soccer. This derby was first played in 1887, but the rivalry between the two teams started growing in the 1960s and 1970s, when both teams had success in the national and international arena.
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Derby of Rio de Janeiro - Flamengo vs. Fluminense
This Brazilian derby is known for the beauty of the game and the warm atmosphere created by the fans of the two teams. The first Fla-Flu in history took place on July 7, 1912. This match holds the record for the number of spectators for a soccer match: in 1963, 194,603 (177,020 payers) watched the game in the Maracanã stadium.
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Derby of Glasgow - Celtic vs. Rangers
It is the oldest derby in the world, first played on September 6, 1890. The nickname of the match is Old Firm. A historic rivalry between two Scottish teams that also represents a cultural and religious element. The matches are often accompanied by tensions between fans of the two teams.
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