All World Cup mascots from 1966 to 2022

Every edition of the World Cup since 1966 has had its own official mascot. World Cup Willie, the mascot of that tournament, was the first mascot of a World Cup and one of the first ever to be paired with any sporting event.

The designers of these dolls try to represent a typical topic of the host nation (culture, tradition, flora, fauna, etc.).

The mascots of the World Cup have children as target and often cartoons or various gadget are created to match this figure and the event in general.

England 1966 - World Cup Willie
A lion, a symbol typical of the United Kingdom, wears a T-shirt with the flag of the United Kingdom and the inscription "WORLD CUP".
Mexico 1970 - Juanito
A boy wears a Mexico shirt and a sombrero with MEXICO 70 written on it.
West Germany 1974 - Tip e Tap
Two boys wear the West German shirt with the letters WM and the number 74.
Argentina 1978 - Gauchito
A boy wears the Argentina shirt and wears a typical hat, a handkerchief around his neck and a whip.
Spain 1982 - Naranjito
An orange wears the shirt of Spain.
Mexico 1986 - Pique
An anthropomorphic chili pepper, which forms the head of the character and that with the tip, forms the upper part of the sombrero. Pique then he has a pair of black mustaches.
Italy 1990 - Ciao
A stylized figure of a footballer with the body composed of cubic elements colored green, white and red and a ball as a head.
USA 1994 - Striker
A dog wearing a red, white and blue soccer shirt with USA 94 written on it.
France 1998 - Footix
A cockerel, one of the symbols of France, with the words FRANCE 98 on the chest.
South Korea / Japan 2002 - Nik, Kaz e Ato
Orange, purple and blue, created on the computer. Members of a Atmoballteam, Ato is the coach while Kaz and Nik are the players.
Germany 2006 - Goleo VI e Pille
A lion wearing the Germany shirt with the number 06 and a talking ball named Pille. Goleo is the fusion of the words gol and leo (lion in Latin). In German Pille is the familiar name of the soccer ball.
South Africa 2010 - Zakumi
A leopard with a green mane, wearing a white T-shirt and green shorts.
Brazil 2014 - Fuelco
A yellow armadillo with blue armor, dressed in a white t-shirt with the inscription "Brasil 2014" and green pants.
Russia 2018 - Zabivaka
An anthropomorphic wolf with a white blue-sleeved shirt and red shorts.
Qatar 2022 - La'eeb
A  flying whitekefiah with eyes, eyebrows and mouth.
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