The most famous mustache in the history of football

November as you know is the month of the mustache,Movember,  from Moustache + November.

 Charlie Chaplin in the world of cinema, Salvador Dalì in the history of art.

Even the world of football, which in its own way is an art, has had among its ranks numerous "mustaches" that have made the history of this sport.

In this photo gallery there are not all but the main "mustaches" in the history of football, for you someone is missing? Look at the photogallery and find out.

Who is your favorite? Who is missing for you among the most famous footballers with the "mustache" in the world?

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Carlos Valderrama
Born: September 2, 1961 in Santa Marta, Colombia. Considered one of the best midfielders in the history of Colombian and South American football, in his career he won twice the South American Footballer of the Year award (1987 and 1993).
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Giuseppe Bergomi
Born: 22 December 1963 in Milano, Italy. He is a sports commentator, football coach and former Italian footballer, defender, world champion with the Italian national team in 1982.
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Billy Hughes
William Hughes, better known as Billy (born 30 December 1948, Scotland, Scotland, died Coatbride20 December 2019) was a Scottish footballer who played as a striker.
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Graeme Souness
Born: 6 May 1953 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. He is a former Scottish football manager and former footballer. His nickname on the playing fields was Charlie Champagne. In 2008 the British tabloid The Sun placed him in first place in the ranking of the most fouled footballers of all time
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Rene Higuita
Born: 27 August 1966 in Medellín, Colombia. Whimsical goalkeeper, his fame is linked above all to the famous scorpion shot, he devised a completely original way of parrying : in practice, it consisted of letting the ball go to the back of his head and hitting it in a dive with both soles of his shoes
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Ian Rush
Born: 20 October 1961 in St Asaph, United Kingdom. He is a Welsh football manager and former footballer.
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Ruud Gullit
Born: 1 September 1962 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is a Dutch football coach and former player, midfielder or striker, European champion with the Dutch national team in 1988. He also won the Ballon d'Or in 1987.
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Gerd Müller
Gerhard Müller(born in Nördlingen on 3 November 1945, died in Munich on 15 August 2021), was a German footballer who played as a striker.
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Caesar Jenkyns
Caesar Augustus Llewellyn Jenkyns (born in Builth Wells, Wales on 24 August 1866 and died on 23 July 1941 in Birmingham, England) was a Welsh footballer who played for Football League for Small Heath, Woolwich Arsenal, Newton Heath and Walsall.
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Vicente Del Bosque
Born: 23 December 1950 in, Salamanca, Spain. He is a former Spanish football coach and former footballer.
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