Curiosities you may not have known about Alica Schmidt, dubbed "the world's most beautiful athlete"

Among the up-and-coming names in athletics, 25-year-old Alica Schmidt is undoubtedly one of those who have caught the world's attention. 

With her undeniable talent and strength in the field, Schmidt has quickly established herself as an athlete to watch. She competes on the track in the 200, 400, 800 metres and the 400 metres hurdles.

But who is Alica Schmidt, the girl behind the track, really? Let's find out together eight curiosities you might not know about the German athletics star.

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An early talent
Alica Schmidt has distinguished herself in the world of athletics since she was very young. Her passion for the sport and her natural talent emerged as a child, prompting her to devote herself fully to athletics.
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A versatile athlete
Alica Schmidt is not only a sprinter, but also excels as a hurdler. This versatility makes her a complete athlete, capable of competing at a high level in various athletics disciplines.
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Commitment to charity
Alica is not only a talented athlete, she is also involved in various charitable initiatives. She has used her visibility to support various causes, demonstrating a strong social commitment.
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A childhood idol
One of her childhood idols is the Olympic long jump champion, Heike Drechsler. Schmidt has often cited Drechsler as one of her main inspirations in sport.
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A strange nickname
Perhaps not everyone knows that Alica Schmidt was named 'the most beautiful athlete in the world'. A title that she herself considered somewhat embarrassing, preferring to let her athletic performance speak for her.
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A love of music
In addition to sport, Alica has a great passion for music. During her free time, she enjoys playing the guitar and listening to her favourite artists, ranging from Ed Sheeran to Billie Eilish.
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A promising career
Despite her young age, Alica Schmidt has already achieved many important milestones in her career, including representing Germany at international level. Her future in sport looks bright and promising.
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Private Life Confidential
Despite her popularity, Alica Schmidt has managed to keep her private life out of the spotlight. This demonstrates her dedication to sport and her desire to be recognised for her athletic abilities more than for her personal life.
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